LED Screens

Studio Berar was one of the first companies in the domestic market that offered the installation of LED screens. Since 2006, this type of video equipment is part of our permanent sales program.

Thanks to the rental department that operates within our company, we gained a remarkable experience with LED screens solutions. On a daily level, we assembly and disassembly various types of LED screens.

LED screens we offer come from the reliable manufacturers from Europe and China. Thus, we can provide the highest class solutions which guarantee top quality, reliability, and durability. That applies not only to the solution itself but the complete support of our engineering team as well.

Having in mind that we have decades of experience, another reason you should choose our solutions when it comes to LED screens is the fact that we offer the best price and quality ratio.

We have gained experience in the application of LED screens due to delivery and installation of a significant number of such screens on the domestic and foreign markets, as you can see in our reference list. These screens have different purposes and are intended for outdoor and indoor use. The cooperation we have established with TV stations and television productions helps us in selecting the most suitable solutions according to the needs of customers, and our experienced and trained engineers who work with professional LED screens are one more reason to opt out for us.

For any questions related to the LED screens, please contact our professional sales team.