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Polycom® RealPresence® Group 50 – All You Need for Perfect Video Conference

The Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500 brings new standards in video collaboration, including sleek design and ease of use.

It is an ideal solution for conference rooms and other similar environments: from small meeting rooms to large halls with multiple video screens. Compelling video and audio performance and interactive content collaboration bring users together and facilitate communication between geographically distant teams. The compact design allows such mounting of the device to make it invisible.

RealPresence Group is the only standards-based video conferencing system certified with Skype for Business and Office 365 tools, making it easy for all users to connect without any changing of the way they work. The Skype interface is familiar to most, yet intuitive to the extent that it requires no specialised training for use. The same applies to RealPresence Group so that buyers, partners and others can use it outside your company.

Content can be sent and received in 1080p60 quality and can be easily shared via HDMI or VGA, as well as wirelessly, from a laptop or mobile phone. For more demanding use, wireless connectivity with Polycom® PanoTM enables sharing between up to 4 users at a time.

Conference halls have different sizes, and regardless of that, users need to be provided with a great experience. Thus, the RealPresence Group 500 offers flexible options to allow all users to see and be seen, no matter where they sit:

  • Polycom® EagleEyeTM Producer has innovative face-tracking algorithms to portray all participants or focus on the person talking accurately.
  • With even more accurate presentation, Polycom® EagleEyeTM Director II brings the highest quality speaker tracking experience, through the transmission of facial expressions and body language, to make video collaborations as productive as possible.

Video calls, with the optional multipoint option, can take place between 6 participants in HD quality, and dual monitor support allows participants to see clearly what's happening on the other side of the screen. For even more complex requirements, Polycom® RealPresence® MedialignTM delivers the highest quality video collaboration in the industry, with innovative, modern design and the ability to be operational in minutes.

Main advantages:

  • Easy to use, with the one-touch dial from the integrated calendar and Skype for Business interface on the optional RealPresence Touch.
  • Flexible, interactive content collaboration so remote teams can work more closely together.
  • Video calls and high quality and performance content so everyone can see and share content.
  • Easy installation and compact design for quick and easy use.
  • A solution that can be customised to meet different conference room requirements and sizes, with a flexible camera and added options for the best user experience and cost-sharing.