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JBL EON ONE Compact – Portable PA System

JBL EON ONE Compact is an all-in-one: portable, rechargeable, personal, professional PA system

The days of compromising the power and performance of speakers on one side and portability on the other are over. With this idea came the JBL EON ONE Compact, a professional performance speaker, with a 4-channel mixer and control via Bluetooth. Also, it represents the most compact PA with a battery and weighs only 8 kg, which is essential information in the context of its portability.

JBL EON ONE Compact delivers premium effects and presets that can be adjusted via mobile phone or tablet, using the JBL EON ONE Compact Control app, making it easy to use for people who are not professionals in the audio technology field.

It offers the ability to mute the background music to better hear speech, which is a useful option for many speakers, presenters and fitness instructors, as well as singers, DJs and, in short, anyone who needs a professional, easily accessible sound. With a battery life of around 12 hours, the JBL EON One Compact is a reliable tool for performances.

JBL EON ONE Compact 1

What brings the JBL EON ONE Compact?

Professional performance in small packaging – Sound pressure level (SPL) of 112 dB and best bass response in class of 37.5 Hz in ultra-compact packaging.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Control – Pair your device via Bluetooth, audio streaming and DSP controls up to four units, using the JBL EON ONE Control app for Android and iOS.

Digital Mixing – A four channel digital mixer with professional preamplifier, special guitar input, phantom power, built-in Lexicon and dbx effects, audio ducking, EQ and the like.

JBL EON ONE Compact 2


  • System type: active, two-way, 8-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB SPL / V
  • Frequency Response: 37.5 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Battery charging time: 2.5 hours without signal, 6 hours with signal
  • Mixer: 4 channels
  • Effects: Reverb, delay, chorus
  • Bluetooth: audio streaming, full control
  • USB: External charging
  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours / 6 hours at maximum volume
  • Dimensions: length 291 mm, width 255 mm, height 399 mm, weight 8 kg