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Clay Paky Axcor Wash 600 – Universal LED Wash

The Axcor Wash 600 is a versatile, universal LED wash with a framing system

Made in the AXCOR LED moving head series, this spotlight complements the Axcor Profile 600 model perfectly.

Its features make it unique in the market as it can be used in many installations. Thanks to a specially designed optical unit, the Axcor Wash 600 has very high efficiency.

It is also available in standard version with an LED motor, designed to have at least 90 CRI values. The Axcor Wash 600 has a very wide zoom range. A narrow 5 ° beam produces dense air effects, thanks to an extraordinary front lens greater than 200 mm in diameter. The 55° wide beam is ideal for use in theaters and television studios.

This spotlight is available with PC (standard), Fresnel and Clear lenses. All three can be exchanged but also purchased separately. The four-blade internal framing system operates on three focal planes and brings flexibility and precision to the wash beam at all apertures, regardless of the type of lens used.

The color is provided by a professional system that includes CMY color mixing, a linear CTO, two color wheels with five colors each. One of the filters allows to increase the CRI value.

Basic characteristics:

  • Source: 500W white LED motor
  • Available versions: CRI at least 70, color temperature 6500K (Axcor Wash 600) and CRI at least 90, CT 5600K (Axcor Wash 600 HC)
  • Front Lens Diameter: 200mm
  • Linear zoom: 5–55°
  • CMY + linear CTO
  • Two color wheels with 5 colors each
  • Motorized framing system, operating across the entire spectrum
  • Electronic linear dimmer, 16-bit with 4 curves
  • Electronic strobe @ 25 f / sec