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Lupo Dayled Fresnel – Light, Power and Persistence

Dayled is a traditional fresnel with LED technology that brings light, power and durability.

Lupo, an Italian lighting manufacturer, delivers a high index of colour rendering (CRI> 95, TLCI> 96) and significant efficiency with its Dayled LED fresnels.

Dayled LED fresnels are equipped with precise internal mechanism and fresnel lenses (traditional borosilicate glass lenses), which allow light beam control, from spot to diffuse, for different lighting needs. The optical and mechanical characteristics of Dayled fresnel are reliable and traditional, on a level offered by tungsten fresnel found in television studios worldwide.

All Lupo LED fresnels can run on electricity (universal power supply from 90 to 240 V) or on batteries (14.8 – 28 V, depending on model). The fibre-reinforced technopolymer structure makes them practical and easy to transport and use.

Lupo offers a full range of accessories for all Dayled models as well as all-LED fresnels and LED panels. All models are compatible with the best lithium batteries on the market, but the Lupo battery guarantees the most practical, most economical and most professional experience possible.

There are several models in the Dayled LED Fresnel series: Dayled 650, Dayled 1000 and Dayled 2000. Dayled Dual Color LED fresnels have the exceptional colour rendering and no spillage, thanks to a new generation of COB LEDs with exclusive True Color technology. Magnifier LED fresnels have a CRI (colour rendering index) of values ​​between 95 and 98 (depending on model and colour temperature), so colours stay perfectly balanced and without a spill.

Dayled LED Dual Color have barn doors, and by using a spot or diffuse light mechanism (which is available in all Lupo LED fresnels), along with barn doors, it is possible to modify the light to make the image stand out. Also in this series are Dayled Dual Color 650, Dayled Dual Color 1000 and Dayled Dual Color 2000 models.