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TW AUDiO Mi-Series – Installation Version of the Famous M-Series

The Mi-Series consists of two models: the M8i and the M12i. These are installation versions of the M8 and M12 models from the M-Series.

M-Series from TW AUDiO has set standards, with its sound boxes designed to fit a multitude of requirements: from loudspeakers, monitoring, full-range speakers, all the way to club systems and public addressing.

This is how the installation version of a part of this series appeared – its M8 and M12 speakers.


The M8i is, therefore, the installation version of the M8, one of the most popular TW AUDiO speakers. With an identical design, with an 8-inch LF driver, a 1-inch compression driver and a rotating 90° × 60° horn, it is up to the task and in the installation form.

The passive, phase-adjusted crossover allows the M8i series to be used with a standard linear amplifier without DSP presets. For the full range or combination with TW AUDiO subwoofers, there are presets available for Powersoft and Lab.gruppen amplifier platforms.

Thus, the M8i delivers outstanding sound, in a discrete package that can easily fit into any interior.

Its key features are:

  • Use in distributed audio systems
  • An affordable solution with standard amplifiers
  • Can be used without subwoofers, even with entirely passive B10P and B15P models
  • Possibility of vertical and horizontal use
  • Coherent phase response with all TW AUDiO products
  • Use with standard amplifier, Lab.gruppen PLM / D or Powersoft K / X series, with TW AUDiO presets


M12 is a product that has been a reliable solution for FOH (front of house), delay and monitoring use for years. With the same components as the M12, the M12i is an excellent adaptation of this speaker for installation purposes.

It shares most of the specifications of the M12i with the M8i, with two pattern angles: 65° × 45° and 90° × 60°. These are some of its other features:

  • 12 ″ LF / 1.4 ″ HF combination with excellent voice transmission
  • The availability of two HF-horn variants
  • Use with or without a subwoofer

You can find out more about the Mi-Series here.