About us

Due to the 30-years long tradition, the name of the company Studio Berar is well known among the true admirers of great sound, lighting, and video.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

Studio Berar can be your partner from the concept phase through the complete realization of the solution that will meet your requirements. To create such cooperation, we are designing, making acoustic calculations, creating lighting design and offering our advice on the purchase and installment of the equipment. We can share our extensive experience in order to help you find a solution that will consolidate functionality, high criteria regarding the quality of the designed solutions and ways in which it can be used.

Regardless of whether you need audio, video or lighting equipment for places such as concert and sports halls, television production, commercial buildings for various purposes, conference rooms, cinemas, theaters, galleries, restaurants (discotheques, bars, and restaurants), our company can be your companion from the very beginning to the final realization of the implemented solution.

Why should you work with Studio Berar?

We can meet your requirements thanks to the decades of experience in designing solutions in the areas of sound, lighting and video. Responding to the needs of our clients since 1983, we have started our business with professional audio, lighting, and video equipment, gaining the necessary experience and expertise in recognizing and efficiently meeting the desires and needs of our clients.

Cooperation and partnership with many reputable manufacturers of audio, lighting, and video equipment allow us to perceive the needs of clients on one side and to come up with the highest-quality solutions on the other, serving as a bond between the parties.

We can help our customers with the ideas and concepts to the final realization of the solution they are seeking for. Its means that we can be involved in the entire process - from offering ideas and budgeting, to acquirement and implementation of the designed solution, including training the staff that will operate with the installed equipment and the continued support of our professional team.

Our reference list, long-term business, and quality policy that have been established following the purpose of existence and objectives of our company testify our success. It was founded and is maintained by the agreement with the requirements of the highest standards.

The company "Studio Berar DOO" represents and promotes a positive and responsible approach to customers, as well as to end users.

Thanks to our customers' trust based on answering their needs and supporting the implementation of designed solutions, we have become a synonym for quality, reliability and expertise.

The history of Studio Berar company

During the history longer than three decades, the company Studio Berar has become recognized among our clients and all those who have diverse needs that require quality and reliable solutions in the field of audio, lighting, and video technology.

The founder of our company is Milan Berar. After eight years of working at the position of sound engineer at Radio Novi Sad, in 1983 he founded the first private company in this field of business.

The beginning of our work was marked by renting audio and lighting systems for different types of events. Studio Berar has been the first company in the region to offer such service, not giving up on the highest standards of quality and functionality.

At the end of the 90s, Studio Berar has expanded its activities to sales, design, consulting, construction and support of solutions in the field of professional audio, lighting, and video equipment. We have started cooperation with numerous prominent manufacturers of professional equipment that continues to the present day. Our solutions have become an indispensable part of many theaters, stadiums, churches, cinemas, restaurants, halls, discotheques and similar facilities.

Today, the business of the Studio Berar company is divided into two separate categories: rental (Studio Berar Rental) and sales of professional equipment (Studio Berar Sales).